A Smarter SaaS Agreement

Collaborative redlines happen in real-time. Digital signatures are built in by default. Payments are made automatically based on contract terms, making manual invoices and chasing down unresponsive billing departments a thing of the past.
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Agreed Streamlines SaaS Deals

An overview on how Agreed helps sales teams and their clients
Choose A Template
Select one of our industry-standard SaaS Agreement templates or upload your own. We automatically fill out all the tedious details so you can focus on the most important thing: closing your deal.
Choose A Template
Collaborate Internally & Externally
Invite your team members to edit the agreement. When you're ready, share directly with your client. Comments and redlines happen in real-time, helping close the gap between negotiation and signatures.
Collaborate Internally & Externally
Link Accounts & Sign Digitally
You link your bank account, the client chooses their payment option (Card, ACH, Wire, etc). Both parties sign digitally, and the deal is done. Seriously, it's that simple.
Link Accounts & Sign Digitally
Get Paid Automatically
Payments start flowing automatically based on the terms of your agreement (monthly, quarterly, annualy, etc). There's no need to manually create invoices or deal with a billing department. Easily download receipts and link your favorite accounting software.
Get Paid Automatically
A Few More Reasons to Get Agreed:
🥳 Close More Deals
Sales teams that reduce the back-and-forth on small contract details close 27% more deals. Loop in legal teams directly for faster approvals.
💸 Reduce Churn
If a payment doesn't go through, we automatically retry and notify you. If a card is about to expire, we'll let you and the cardholder know.
🚀 Optimize Operations
Understand where your customers are spending the most time in your contracts. Get feedback on the most commonly requested redlines.
📊 Beautiful Analytics
Immediately see which agreements require attention. Keep track of all the important metrics, including sales velocity, win rate, average deal value, and more.
📈 One-Click Integrations
Integrate your favorite CRM and accounting software. We support industry-leading software like Salesforce, Xero, and others.
📑 Easy Exports
Want to download a copy of your contract? No problem. Want to download copies of payment recepits? Dead simple.
✉️ Important Notifications
Get all the important notifications delivered straight to your inbox. Immediately know when and why a customer pauses payment.
⚡️ Great Performance
While Agreed has been designed to be simple to use, under the hood we're leveraging next-gen code for lightening-fast performance.
🛠 Founder Support
Have a question or a feature request? We'd love to hear from you. We believe listening to users is the best way to build an awesome product.

Ready to Upgrade Your SaaS Agreements?

Frequently Asked Questions

It's completely free to get started with Agreed. Paid plans (coming soon) offer a higher number of contracts sent and advanced features.

Yes! We partner with HelloSign (a Dropbox company) to provide best-in-class digital signatures.

Extremely! We partner with Stripe for payment info, HelloSign (a Dropbox company) for digital signatures, and Google for user authentication and all other data storage.

All major payment methods are supported, including: wire transfers, ACH debit/credit transfers, credit/debit cards, and checks.

Pretty much anywhere in the world! Stripe offers support for 130+ countries.

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